Create a squid proxy server on ubuntu

Recently I got a request from a friend to create a proxy server on a ubuntu OS.Having never created proxy server it was new thing for me. After couple of hours reading about it and following few tutorials I was able to set it perfectly.
It is a easy task and there are only few steps involved it.
So here is how you can create a proxy server using squid on ubuntu. I am using Mac OS if you want to do it in windows then you have to use putty to make ssh connection to sever(I am doing it on remote server).

First open terminal in mac or putty in windows.
write command

ssh serverusername@serveripaddress

change serverusername to the username you have for user acocunt on sever & serveripaddress to the ip address of server.
Enter the password when prompted next.
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How to create a custom ajax password reset form for wordpress

Recently I had to create a password reset form for one of my project.The default password reset form works great but I needed the form to match theme layout and design of theme .I tried to use wordpress default functions as much as possible. Here is how you can make a custom password reset form  for wordpress.


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Adding Extra Info with Price in Woocommerce

price-extra-infoThere is no way to add extra information with the price of the product in Woocommerce. So I created a small plugin which adds an extra box below the price input in edit product page.

You can use it to show the extra information where you are selling quantity based products or you can use it even with other products which comes in packages , e.g  $10 (10 pencil pack)

This way your customer will know quantity or the number of items they will get just by looking at the price.

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