GF Sendy Addon is updated to v1.1.4

Gravity Forms Sendy Addon v1.1.4 is now available for download.


-Added option to use checkbox, select or radio fields for subscribing users to list.
Now you can use checkbox,select or radio fields to subscribe users to list. Simply add the field and go to advance settings tab of field to enable subscription to list from that field.

– Added option to create unsubscribe forms using checkbox, select or radio fields..

-Fixed Name field not passing to Sendy in Gravity Forms version 1.9+ .

-Fixed few php warning messages in the admin.


GF Sendy Addon is updated to v1.1.3

Gravity Forms Sendy Addon v1.1.3 is available for download.


-Added option to use checkbox as Optin .
Now you can use checkbox to user chose if users want to subscribe to your list.

-Add multiple list subscription from same form
Now you can use a single form to subscribe user to more than 1 list. Simply separate lists with comma and users will be added all lists.


New Plugin: Gravity Forms Sendy Addon

Gravity Forms Sendy Addon is an addon for Gravity Forms which lets you add user’s to the Sendy . You can create beautiful subscribe form using GF and can place the forms anywhere on page,posts or sidebar.

Each  Gravity Form can have a separate list Id for subscribing users so you can add users to any number of lists.

So begin growing your list by creating beautiful subscribe forms .The plugin can be downloaded from here.