UPDATE: Download Woocommerce Extra Price Info Pro Plugin to show extra info on cart & checkout pages.

Woocommerce Extra Price Fields is Plugin for adding extra price description to show in front end.This is very usefull for the users in countries/regions where it is required to show product price.


You can download the Plugin from wordpress repository.


  1. Extract the zip file and upload it to your plugin folder
  2. Activate it from Plugins in wordpress admin

How to Use

  1. Add/Edit  a product from Woocommerce
  2. Go to the price area and you will find there extra box added
  3. Put the value e.g100g or 100 pieces Boxes
  4. Save the product



Front End:


Back End :



8 thoughts on “WooCommerce Extra Price Fields

  1. Doesn’t work on variable products:
    Throws an error on Line 41

  2. Hello, This is great. But can I use it on variable products? So that one variation has pricing info & another variation has different pricing info?

    For example, I have a client who is selling wine. They have two variations in prices – a single bottle and a 6 bottle case. When a single bottle is selected I want it to show ‘single bottle price’ and when a 6 bottle case is chosen I want it to show ‘6 bottle case’


  3. Hi, great plugin.
    Is it possible to add this field after quantitiy box?
    many thanks..

  4. Hello,
    Is it possible to add a second price field. I’m only interested in some text on the same row as the first extra field.
    Thank you.

  5. It would be immensely useful if there would be an option to include this information on the cart, checkout pages as well as woocommerce customer/shop notification emails. Any plans to introduce this?

  6. Forgot to include the shop/category page in the list

  7. Is it possible to import data to the Price Extra List field in bulk with csv or Excel files?

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