This plugin provides an easy, lightweight way to let your users sign up for your Sendy list.

You can use it to sign up users for several different lists by placing the widget in the sidebar .
Email validation before user submit the form.
Please note that you will need Sendy Setup on your server before you can use this widget.

  • Integration with woocommerce
  • Captcha to prevent spam
  • Support Multiple list subscription
  • Shortcode for subscribe and unsubscribe form
  • Terms & conditions checkbox
  • Ajax Enabled
  • Javascript Validation before adding user
  • Curl enabled , user never leaves your site
  • Subscriber count in Frontend of widget
  • Encourages the collection of only information that you actually need i.e. an email address (or name if you want)

How to InstallĀ 

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, add a new plugin using the upload feature
  2. Extract the folder you have downloaded from CodeCanyon
  3. Select the from the extracted folder
  4. Once installed you can activate the plugin and continue with the setup

How to use

Settings Page

Under your settings tab you will see a new page: Sendy Widget Pro. From here you can configure how the plugin works.

Sendy Configuration

Sendy Installation Url – Add the url where you have installed the sendy . E.g

API Key – Add your Sendy API key . Sendy API key can be found in your Sendy dashboard.

Add New List

Click on Add New List at top to add a new list.

List Name – Give the name you want to give to your list

List ID – Add the List ID . To get the list ID, login to your Sendy dashboard . You will find list ID in from of List Names

Display Settings

Check it if you want to add user’s from register page

Terms and condtions page: If you add a url ,link is added to the terms and condition text on widget and shortcode form

Woocommerce Settings

Check it if you want to show checkbox on woocoomerce checkout page.



Using the Sendy Widget

  1. Go to Appearance-> Widgets.
  2. Drag the Sendy Widget Pro to your Sidebar.
  3. Check the list name to which you want your users to subscribe.
  4. Save the widget